Body Composition vs. Body Weight

By Personal Training Manager, Jeremy Radke
The scale can be an annoying and disheartening way to track your progress. Don’t trust it.

Did you know that our bodies are made of roughly 60% water? In fact, bodyweight can fluctuate as much as five pounds daily! This would imply that a scale is not always the best method for tracking weight loss, because it varies so much. If you want to truly measure weight loss, focus on measuring your body fat and body composition.

Using a tool like the FIT3D scanner (now available at Epic Fitness) is an easy and effective way to determine what your body composition is. It will help to make sense of what the number on the scale is really displaying. This will help dissolve the negative association of weight gain which is not the same as fat gain. In turn, you are able to better appreciate the effort you have been putting into your workout routine.

Instead of obsessing over the number on the scale, look towards other indicators of your progress such as how you feel, using progress pictures or scans from the FIT3D, body measurements, and how your clothes are fitting. The scale can often blind us to the positive changes that are happening internally that we must acknowledge and celebrate. Stay vigilant and keep at it, you got this!

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