Donate Food Non-Perishable Items and We’ll Waive Enrollment Fee

There’s time left this month take advantage of an offer to join EPIC Fitness without paying the standard $50 enrollment fee.

Come in with 10 non-perishable food items and the deal is yours during March, National Nutrition month.

Proper diet matched with the right fitness plan is the recommended way to sustain good health.

The offer ends March 31 and is limited to new members. There’s a limit of one per person, as well.

Questions? Call 503-991-5159.

P.S. All EPIC members are encouraged to place donations of non-perishable items in the provided bins, right across from the check-in desk. There is a feverish ongoing competition this month between Michele and Cassidy to see who can inspire the most donations from members during a drive to support Marion Polk Food Share.

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