Epic is a locally owned fitness center that takes pride in providing a unique fitness experience. Through exceptional customer service, we are able to cater to our members by implementing an experience centered upon them. In fact, nearly 85% of our members have been with us for 6 months or longer. As other clubs use prices to get new members in the door, we take pride in giving our members an excellent equipment selection and great personal training done by certified trainers. We invest in our infrastructure, updating equipment and staff instead of costly advertising to attract new members. We let our members do the talking.

With Epic’s helpful staff, wide selection of equipment, variety of classes, and a very clean facility we are with you every step of the way.

Yes! Our wide selection of fitness classes is included in the Basic Plus Membership plan.

Whether you are interested in Cardio Cycle, Seniors in Motion or a weight training class, we have the class for you! These classes are wonderful opportunities to meet other members and learn about the people who make up the Epic community. Please note that Boot Camp is not included in the membership packages.

Boot Camp is a group-training program that will enhance your regular membership. Boot Camp will get you moving! Participants at ALL levels will be moving their body in a manner that challenges their muscles, cardio-respiratory system, stamina, endurance, coordination, balance, and determination. With full-body movements at the right level of intensity, any individual will be able to advance their fitness to the next level. Boot Camp Elite is for the ones that really want to push it to the full extent.

Epic Fitness offers Seniors in Motion class to our “wiser” crowd but anyone is invited to take the class. Many of our seniors are enrolled in either Silver Sneakers® or Silver & Fit® programs through their supplemental health insurance company, which pays for their fitness membership. Seniors in Motion will have you having fun and moving to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing. Modified versions of each exercise are offered for those not able to do the full exercise.

Epic Fitness has a total of 42 weight machines in all. Thirty machines require using a pin to select the weight, and 12 machines use weight plates for use.

Absolutely! Anyone who lives in the local area can try Epic out on his or her first visit absolutely free. After that, we offer Day-Passes to those who wish to visit more than once. During the week they are $10.00 and on weekends they are only $5.00. Of course, your friends could always sign up for a membership so you and your friends can keep each other motivated.

Peak hours typically align with the before-work and after-work hours. You need not worry though as there is always room for you to get your workout in. We have yet to hear someone complain about not being able to get on a machine, get into a class, or find a free-weight area to use!

Yes. We have many areas in our facility that are open for various types of training. Our Personal Training Center rooms are always open to all members if there is not a scheduled personal training session or Boot Camp class going on. We will usually post a sign about training or you can look at our class schedule to see when Boot Camp is being held. We are not a cross-fit facility but do have many items used by cross-fitters.

We have dumbbells that start at 1 pound, all the way up to 130 pound dumbbells (for the brave)

Yes, we do our laundry in-house which allows us to offer FREE towel service to all our members and guests. We have small sweat towels, large bath towels, and cold, eucalyptus infused towels to help you cool off after a great workout.

We offer free Silver Sneakers® and Silver & Fit® memberships. Starting January 1st we will also offer free membership through Optum Fitness Advantage and through Grey & Golden. If your medicare supplemental does not cover memberships, we have special rate for anyone of medicare age!