Benefits of Membership

Basic Membership Plan

Included in Your Basic Membership:

  • Full Access
  • Free Fitness Consultation
  • Free Towel Service

Basic Plus Membership Plan

Included in Your Basic Plus Membership:

  • Full Access
  • Free Fitness Consultation
  • Wide Range of Fitness Classes
  • Free Towel Service

Welcome to the membership page, we bet you wonder what the membership dues are here at Epic. It’s hard to get a straight answer to that question from fitness centers. That is because you really have to visit to know if you’ve found your fitness home.

  • A cheap gym is expensive if you never go.
  • A cheap gym is expensive if you can’t find a place to park; have to wait to use equipment because of the crowds; not to mention the difficulty keeping things clean.
  • An expensive gym may have every kind of class or equipment or trainers you could ever want, but it’s super-expensive if it’s more than you need.
  • A franchise gym experience may be “consistent” but sometimes at the expense of “personal.”
  • ….and then there are the restrictions and the fees and the “extra” charges every other month.

Here’s the straight scoop:

Epic Fitness memberships start at $29.00 per month. We have a one-time joining fee. There is a cancellation fee (just like your cellphone) if you terminate your contract early. That’s it. Epic has one location, one local owner and one focus: YOU

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I joined Epic when they began offering the Silver Sneakers program. I started out with personal training sessions from James, but when Epic began Team Training last fall, I thought, why not? It’s absolutely the best thing I ever did. I have improved my overall strength, breathing, stamina, and best of all… my balance! It’s a great way to get strength training and cardio, and all in 50 minutes. My workouts are modified to my fitness level. I love it!

Michele Patterson