Our Commitment to Your Health

March 16, 2020

To our members:

We want to thank all of our members as we go through this trial of COVID-19.  As of now, we are staying open.  Our concern is for your wellbeing and that of our staff.  Each day is a new day and each day we will assess where we are.

For the next few days, this is what we have implemented:

  1. CARDIO: Some of our cardio machines have been turned off so that we can accommodate Social Distancing and not have people so close together.
  2. CARDIO CYCLE CLASS:  The bikes have been rearranged so there is more distance between them.  We will not have Abs on Monday and Wednesday before cycle class.
  3. CLASSES: We will still hold classes as long as there are at least 4 people and not more than 20 or if you can’t be 6 ft apart (whichever comes first).
  4. MATS: Starting Wed, March 18, we will request that you bring your own yoga mat and blanket. We will not be offering any to use for the near future.
  5. COFFEE & DRINKING FOUNTAINS:  Both are closed for the time being. Please bring your own water bottle or you can purchase one for $1.
  6. CLEANING:  We will continue to clean, clean, clean!  We ask that you wash your hands when you arrive and often and clean your equipment/machine before and after you use it and wash your hands again when you leave.
  7. PERSONAL TRAINING CENTER:  We respectfully request that the training room be preserved for training clients who are paying for training.   Check in advance if you want to use the room and are not receiving training. It can only accommodate a few people at a time and we want them to be 6′ apart.
  8. If you are ill, we ask that you stay at home.  Our staff will not be allowed to be here if they are under the weather.

We will continue to assess each day if there is something different that needs to be done and will post it on Facebook and update our website.

We thank you for coming in and following our guidelines so we can stay open.

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