Fitness Assessments

Our trainers provide fitness assessments to evaluate movement and track progress. Their goal is to provide step by step instruction to ensure proper movement. The progressive assessment is designed to help you find strengths and weaknesses so that they may personalize a program based on your needs.

Goal Setting

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, lose weight or learn the basic lifts, our trainers can personalize a program to reach your goal! Creating a list of small stepping stones that lead to your final goal is the most successful way to get to where you want to be. Our trainers will help you acknowledge realistic goals and, while encouraging you, hold you accountable without reaching the point of injury, or fatigue.

Body Mechanics

We believe in teaching everyone body mechanic awareness to ensure a safer training experience. By understanding how the body functions, trainers can lead clients to feel the correct and incorrect way to perform the exercise. Body mechanic awareness creates a sense of mind-body connection that will help to lead to a higher quality of life.

Since joining Epic I have reached the 5k level and have dropped 54 pounds. Cassidy’s encouragement is a large part of my success. Her treatment and respect for her students is outstanding, one would never know that her students averaged age is probably 70. You, Cassidy, and the rest of your staff give me a sense of belonging and I look forward to each visit.

Michael Phillips

I joined Epic when they began offering the Silver Sneakers program. I started out with personal training sessions from James, but when Epic began Team Training last fall, I thought, why not? It’s absolutely the best thing I ever did. I have improved my overall strength, breathing, stamina, and best of all… my balance! It’s a great way to get strength training and cardio, and all in 50 minutes. My workouts are modified to my fitness level. I love it!

Michele Patterson