Turn A Good Morning Into A Better One

Attention, early risers.

EPIC Fitness will be providing a fresh way to greet the day, starting at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 17.

Join trainer Efren Gonzalez for a rousing workout that mixes the best of traditional yoga with old-school calisthenics, sports therapy and dynamic resistance.

You may have heard members who have taken one of Efren’s preview classes in DDP Yoga rave about the benefits of this fresh take on being a better you. It may be the fastest-growing workout regimen in the country.

DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page, a former WCW World Wrestling Champion who ruptured two spinal discs during the height of his career. After first scoffing at even the thought of yoga, Page tried it — in desperate effort to regain his health and return to the ring.

In time, he combined what he gained from yoga with his rehab regimen, to refine a system that has worked with men and women at all levels of fitness. In addition to improving stamina and conditioning, DDP has assisted thousands of practitioners to lose weight as a consequence. It worked for Page and it can work for you.

The trademark phrase for DDP is, “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga.”

But we expect some modern mamas to set the alarm and be among the EPIC members of both genders every Tuesday morning at 7.

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